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Medlem siden: 14 Okt 2007
Sted: Frederiksberg
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    Sendt: 12 Okt 2018 kl. 17:26
Opdagelsen af DNA har på mange måder været en velsignelse for menneskeheden, men det har også sine bagsider.

I følgende link ses en af dem.

En ulempe kan fx være, at det blir sværere og sværere at blive forsikret mod sygdomme, da forsikringsselskaber også gerne vil forsikres mod dårlige investeringer. Tilbage blir så de rige, de smukke og dem med godt helbred og råd til selv at betale.


"Genetic testing has helped plenty of people gain insight into their ancestry, and some services even help users find their long-lost relatives. But a new study published this week in Science suggests that the information uploaded to these services can be used to figure out your identity, regardless of whether you volunteered your DNA in the first place.

The researchers say it will take only about 2 percent of an adult population having their DNA profiled in a database before it becomes theoretically possible to trace any person’s distant relatives—and therefore, to uncover their identity.

Of course, there’s some good news. If someone did something wrong out there, then [law enforcement] is going to be able to catch them .. But down the road, as things continue to evolve, there could be people who use this for illegitimate reasons.

That could include scientists who try to identify research subjects from other projects, as well as companies and individuals that might try to leverage and sell your information elsewhere. Another concern is genetic discrimination.

Once we reach 2 percent, nearly everyone will have a third cousin match, and a substantial amount will have a second cousin match .. My prediction is that for people of European descent, we’ll reach that threshold within two or three years.

What this means for you: If you want to protect your genetic privacy, the best thing you can do is lobby for stronger legal protections and regulations. Because whether or not you’ve ever submitted your DNA for testing, someone, somewhere, is likely to be able to pick up your genetic trail."

Ancestry Sites Could Soon Expose Nearly Anyone's Identity, Researchers Say (
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